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What to Expect at BTE


BTE’s outdoor and Indoor pop up market. We have between 8-15 pop ups by small local businesses. There is a no ‘pushy-sales’ vibe and is a relaxed space for people to roam. During the day expect a low number of bodies roaming the space, perfect for those who want a low key energy. The larger crowds tend to come in the evening when the live performances are on so expect the high energy laughs and big booties taking up space…as we encourage everyone to do so!


Each instructor will introduce themselves with the option for students to be introduced to fellow babes in the workshop. Expect a room full of babes with a capacity of 20-30. Kicking off to a sweet warm up, dance technique, choreography and a cool down. 

We encourage everyone to listen to their bodies, so if at any point you need a break, please do so without seeking permission. Your body, your rules. If an instructor demonstrates a move which doesn’t feel right or good for your body please ask for an alternative. This is a safe space with no judgment and acknowledge this is YOUR journey.


This is a seated event with a large roaring crowd of a capacity of 100-200+ people. It is high energy, upbeat, fun and ohh soo loving! The show normally runs for 90-120mins with an intermission. We acknowledge this high energy and loud space may be overwhelming hence why we encourage you to have a break and leave the space at any point of the evening. You can reach out to one of our PHAT ASS-ISTANCE for support or have a seat in the courtyard which holds a neutral and calming space.

We acknowledge the First Nation Custodians of the land on which we live, work and play and pay our respects to Elders past, present and ongoing. Australia was and always will be Aboriginal land. We respect their creativity, connection and knowledge to the land.