"Neurodivergence and Mental Illness" written in bold sans serif font. The text is white on a purple background.
Neurodivergence and Mental Illness

BTE is all about misrepresented humans seeking representation and acceptance.. Our gorgeous host Peach Fuzz, a spokesperson for Tourettes Syndrome (which they see as their superpower), guides the BTE live performance evenings raising awareness and abolishing stigma behind neurodivergence and mental illness. 

Our workshops aim to educate students to gain tools on mental health and wellbeing to learn and adapt to their everyday lives outside of BTE spaces.

Peach Fuzz is wearing a black PVC vest and underwear. They have lots of black eyeliner on their eyes and are placing their hand on their ear as though to try to hear better. The background is a hazy purple.
Peach Fuzz by Dream Syndicator, Jeremy Belefante and She’s an Artist

We also understand that social events can be daunting and over stimulating at times, so we understand and encourage you to step outside of the space or seek assistance at any point of the BTE experience if you need. At times anxiety can be caused when you’re in a new space and sometimes fear of the unknown can creep in, so we have a breakdown of the event so as not to expect too many surprises.

We acknowledge the First Nation Custodians of the land on which we live, work and play and pay our respects to Elders past, present and ongoing. Australia was and always will be Aboriginal land. We respect their creativity, connection and knowledge to the land.