"Gender Neutral Language" written in bold sans serif font. The text is white on a purple background.
Gender Neutral Language

BTE say F*#@ YOU to gender norms!

Welcome are the She’s, They’s, His’ and Ze’s to get involved in our space.
We commit to providing a space where gender neutral dialogue is used as well as ensure there are gender neutral bathrooms at our live events.

If you’re unsure of someone’s pronouns please ask, NEVER ASSUME!


Instead of Ladies, Girls, Boys

Go for Lovely, Beauty, Babes, Humans, Everyone, People, Friends, Sweetie.

Check with individual people what terms they are comfortable with.

Kilia is wearing a red bra and g-string with blonde hair in a ponytail. She has her legs crossed and has arched her body back with arms spread out to face the audience. The foreground and background are purple/blue haze and shadowy.
Kilia by Dream Syndicator, Jeremy Belefante and She’s an Artist


For example, you’ve just made a new friend during a workshop and want to introduce them to a buddy of yours but you’re unsure what this new friend identify as, simply ask “May I ask what pronouns you go by?” The person may respond with “I go by She/They” or “They/Them” or “I go by any pronoun” You might also then share your pronouns. When your introduce a new or old friend to someone else you can use the correct pronouns in a sentence eg. “This is (NAME) we met at the workshop and they said they had so much fun!” This takes the pressure off trans and gender non-conforming folk to continually be the centre of the discussion about pronouns and means you can all get to the fun of talking about BTE!

If at any point you accidentally mis-gender someone, which is possible to do, apologise, correct yourself immediately and move on. Avoid dwelling and saying things like “Remind me if I misgender you.”; It’s exhausting to continually educate! 

We acknowledge the First Nation Custodians of the land on which we live, work and play and pay our respects to Elders past, present and ongoing. Australia was and always will be Aboriginal land. We respect their creativity, connection and knowledge to the land.