"Gallery" written in bold sans serif font. The text is white on a purple background.
Demon is dancing on stage in all red, wearing hat, mask, sunglasses, bra, boots and jacket. She is twisting her body, facing the audience. In the foreground are a pair of hands waving in the Auslan applause. The background is black lit with purple lighting
Demon Derriere
An above-torso photograph of Krista performing in Auslan. She has blond curly hair and is wearing a sparkly bodysuit with pink harness. The background is a purple haze.
A torso-up shot of Wombat Cereal, singing and smiling. He is wearing a black top with red and white stripes. He is standing in front of a microphone. The background is dark blue.
Wombat Cereal
A torso-up photo of Peach Fuzz performing on stage wearing a black PVC vest and underwear. They are placing their hand on their ear as though to try to hear betterTheir makeup is exaggerated with lots of heavy liner. The background is a hazy purple.
Peach Fuzz
Cast of BTE line up on the stage at BTE finale. Peach Fuzz is showing off their booty wearing an orange dress., Demon is talking into the microphone wearing a black dress. Gogo dancers and performers wearing black lingerie and DJ behind mirrored table with dj deck clapping. The background has gold curtains and white frames.
Cast of BTE at March Finale
A crowd of diverse people dancing on stage under pink lighting. Some are wearing lingerie or costumes from earlier performances. There are lots of shadows, and light is reflecting off disco balls above the stage. The background is the gold curtain lit with pink light.
Dance party at BTE March
Mama Medusa performing on stage, doing the splits. She has a long black ponytail with black lingerie and boots. She is lit with pink lighting on a black background
Mama Medusa
A full body shot of Kilia berforming on the floor. She is wearing a red bra and g-string with blonde hair in a ponytail. She has her legs crossed and has arched her body back with arms spread out under purple/blue lighting
A torso-up image of Jes Subba performing. Wearing a black sparkly top, beating her chest, tongue sticking out. She has brown curly hair. The background is Black.
Jes Subba
Gogo dancers, audience and host, Peach Fuzz, from BTE dancing on the stage wearing lingerie. Gold curtains in the background with a purple light effect on the image.
Gogo dancers, audience and host, Peach Fuzz at BTE March
Gogo dancers and audience from BTE dancing on the stage wearing lingerie. Gold curtains in the background with a purple light effect on the image.
Gogo dancers and audience at BTE March
A wide torso-up shot of Tyra Bankstown on stage and speaking into a microphone. They are wearing a red jumpsuit, have black feathers coming off their shoulders and black frills it their waist. THe background is a gold curtain with yellow and purple lighting
Tyra Bankstown
A torso-up photo of Demon Derriere performing on stage wearing all red hat, mask, sunglasses, and pvc jacket. They are posing in a ‘shush’ position. The background has white frames on the wall with a shadowy orange and blue tinge.
Demon Derriere

A full-body shot of Nati Daddy waving to the audience with fake tattoos, Red cap on backwards, white shirt and red trackpants, talking into a microphone. The background is a dark blue/purple haze.
Nati Daddy
Full body photo of Mama Medusa performing on stage wearing a long gold dress, taking off a red glove. She has curly blonde hair and has her mouth open, mouthing ‘ohh!’. The background is a gold curtain with purple lighting.
Mama Medusa
Tyra Bankstown dancing with their arms outstretched and head tilted up slightly towards the light. They're wearing black boots and lingerie with gloves and harness. They have blonde hair. The background is a gold curtain.
Tyra Bankstown
A photo of the Big Thick Energy audience clapping and cheering at the stage under pink lighting. A person in the foreground is leaning forward out of their seat with their lips pursed, seemingly in anticipation
Audience at BTE
The cast of Big Thick Energy's March Finale standing on stage, forming a circle with the front row of the audience. Demon Derriere is wearing a black dress and holding a microphone in the centre of the image, standing next to Peach Fuzz.  The people on stage are all clapping, cheering, laughing or dancing. There is gold sparkly curtains in the background and different sized disco balls hanging above everyone reflecting purple and pink light. The audience is clapping.
Cast of BTE at March Finale

All photos are a collaboration between Dream Syndicator, Jeremy Belefante and She’s and Artist

We acknowledge the First Nation Custodians of the land on which we live, work and play and pay our respects to Elders past, present and ongoing. Australia was and always will be Aboriginal land. We respect their creativity, connection and knowledge to the land.