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Financial Access

BTE is a community run event, so numerous discount codes for those who do not have access to funding are available. We understand it is currently extremely difficult to access funds due to the global pandemic and the cost of living crisis.

All BTE events hold significant discounts for First Nations, BIPOC and financially disadvantaged folx. New codes are released for each event and can be accessed when purchasing tickets.

We also offer free entry to our pop up stalls. It’s a great way to explore the energy and positive vibes that are part of BTE without being financially out of pocket.

For those who have funds and would like to support the community you have the option to ‘Pay it forward’ via paypal.me/bigthickenergyfund

If you seek further assistance obtaining a discount code, please email us at hello@bigthickenergy.com

Mama Medusa is wearing a long gold dress, taking off a red glove. She has curly blonde hair and has her mouth open, mouthing ‘ohh!’. The background is a gold curtain with a purple haze.
Dream Syndicator, Jeremy Belefante  and She’s an Artist

We acknowledge the First Nation Custodians of the land on which we live, work and play and pay our respects to Elders past, present and ongoing. Australia was and always will be Aboriginal land. We respect their creativity, connection and knowledge to the land.