"Consent" written in bold sans serif font. The text is white on a pink-red-dark purple gradient background.

Look, don’t touch! 

Unfortunately there is an all too common occurrence of audience members touching performers without consent. We understand that performers and their costumes are stunning but avoid touching and compliment them instead.

A close up of Demon's shins and feet, wearing fishnets and black pleaser heels. Their feet are crossed they are sitting on the floor. The background is a leopard carpet.
Heels and Fishnets
She’s an Artist @shes_an_artist
Shot at Sydney Vintage Dance Studio

We are also passionate about guest’s bodily autonomy so please also respect the wishes of others in the space who aren’t performers by being aware that not everyone has the same touch boundaries as you. If you meet someone new, please ask: “May I hug you?” Wait for an enthusiastic response and act accordingly.

If it’s not an enthusiastic YES then it’s a NO.

If at any point you feel your personal space has been violated and your boundaries are being pushed please seek one of our PHAT ASSistances or BTE Team to support you.

Anyone who doesn’t follow this basic etiquette of consent will be forced to leave the event. 

Consent is sexy!

We acknowledge the First Nation Custodians of the land on which we live, work and play and pay our respects to Elders past, present and ongoing. Australia was and always will be Aboriginal land. We respect their creativity, connection and knowledge to the land.